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Let's end it smiling,

That is my small prayer

Fruits Basket Lims
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LIMS icon challenge for the anime/manga series Fruits Basket


Welcome to Furuba Lims! A Last Icon Maker Standing icontest for the very heartwarming series, Fruits Basket. A LIMS icontest is very different from a regular icontest.
Before a session starts, you MUST SIGN UP before you can submit.
Only one icon may be submitted per challenge. If you do not submit and icon one week, you will be disqualified. Unless, of course, you comment the submission post saying that you will be using your skip.
When voting time comes around, the participants will vote out an icon(s) with a solid reason. For more details, look below for the rules.

Mods: __lost_x3, missykitty0115


1) You first need to join the community to participate. I'd recommend watching the community as well. Just to keep up with the updates.

2) Each week you have to turn in one icon.

3) Your icon has to fit LJ standards (100x100, 40kb)

4) If you do not turn in an icon, and have no skips remaining, you are disqualified from that session.

5) You have ONE skip week to use per session. Comment the submission post if you want to use it.

6) When joining, put the phrase or the answer to "What Becomes of Snow?" and theusername you'll be using in a comment. Just to make sure you've read the rules...or at least skimmed them. ;)

7) If you are eliminated, part way through the session there will be a come-back challenge. This means, everyone has a chance of getting back in the session if they are eliminated.


Monday --> New Challenge Posted
Wednesday --> Reminder
Friday Midnight --> Submissions Due + Voting Posted
Sunday 10PM --> Voting Closed + Results Posted

All times are in Eastern Standard Time.
Figure out your timezone?


As this is a LIMS competition, only 1 icon is allowed per participant.

If you want to change your icon anytime before the deadline, feel free to do so. However, DO NOT delete your old submission. Just let us know you are resubmitting.

Submit as follows:

Credits: (optional) n/a


1) Vote for the icon(s) you dislike the most. Each week we will ask you to vote for a different number of icons, so plesae pay attention to that.

2) You must state a solid reason why you want to vote out that icon. You must use at least 15 words as to why you think the icon deserves to be voted off. Remember, people hope to grow from this competition! Tell them what you don't like and what you believe can be done to make the icon better. Also try to avoid using the word "I" in your reason, as voting should not be based on personal perference. Voting should be based on overall quality of the icon.

3) Each week you will also be asked to vote for a People's Choice icon that you like the most. This will be the favorite icon, decided by you all, the people! A reason must be given as to why you like the icon as well, although it does not have to be at least 15 words.

4) ANYBODY CAN VOTE AS LONG AS YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY. You do not have to be participating in the session to vote. Any and all votes are welcome. Just join the community if you have not please.

5) You must vote for the specified number of icons and follow the rules stated. Failure to do so will result in your votes not counting. A mod will ask you to fix your vote if there are any problems.


While we hope you are participating for the fun of it and hoping to grow as an icon-maker, prizes are fun too. But as both of your mods are just poor students, they cannot afford to give you anything substantial. ^^;

The Last Icon Maker Standing and First Runner Up will recieve SHINEY BANNERS that you can display and go, "HA, I PWN YOU ALL!" to your friends with. :D Niffty, eh?

The mods are also willing to make the winner and runner-up icons/banners/headers of their pickings, if they so wish as well. :'D


SESSION FIVE: Sign up now!


If you wish to affilate with furuba_lims, please leave a comment on a recent post. One of the mods will get back to you soon. We'll pimp you in our next post too! Awesome, huh? ;)



There are many great places online to find Fruits Basket anime and manga images~. Session 5 is going to be a given image + various theme, so this may not be as useful now, but it could be helpful someday! So, here is a list of sites that have good resources, both image and informational wise:

Aethereality; Conan Magic; Confiture de Fruits (French);
Digik Gallery; Suba Furuba (Fr); Random Fandom
ichi_san raw scans; holic here; Kyoru Anime Caps

If you have anymore, feel free to let us know and we'll add it! :D


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LAYOUT V.1: Featuring Kisa and Hiro

Disclaimer! We, Furuba Lims, are in no way affiliated or related to Natsuki Takaya (the author of Fruits Basket).

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